Will your CVPR/ICML paper be accepted?

Ever wondered if we could build a deep learning neural network which can predict whether your research paper will be submitted or not in the conference? If yes, then I am sure this blog will be an interesting read. I was recommended an interesting paper a couple of months ago and the following blog will … Continue reading Will your CVPR/ICML paper be accepted?

Python threading status tracker

It is useful to know how much work a thread has completed. Following are a few ways in which you can achieve this. I was reading through stackoverflow and then I stumbled upon this question - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55192979/how-to-track-progress-of-job-worker-threads-when-threads-are-initiated-from-a-jo/55193043#55193043 You can read my answer there as well and upvote if the answer helps! ūüôā Now the question … Continue reading Python threading status tracker

An Empirical Exploration of Recurrent Network Architectures: Paper Notes

This post contains my notes about the paper titled "An Empirical Exploration of Recurrent Network Architectures". You can read the paper here - http://proceedings.mlr.press/v37/jozefowicz15.pdf Abstract of the paper -¬† The Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) is an extremely powerful sequence model that is often difficult to train. The Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) is a specific RNN … Continue reading An Empirical Exploration of Recurrent Network Architectures: Paper Notes

CRDTs: Introduction

Hey guys, I am writing this blog post for beginners like me who want to understand CRDTs or distributed systems much. Quoting Wikipedia - "In¬†distributed computing, a¬†conflict-free replicated data type¬†(CRDT) is a¬†data structure¬†which can be¬†replicated¬†across multiple computers in a¬†network, where the replicas can be updated independently and¬†concurrently¬†without¬†coordination¬†between the replicas, and where it is always mathematically … Continue reading CRDTs: Introduction