Attention and Memory in Deep Learning

We have seen and know the neural networks which takes an image, say car and outputs the log likely hood of various classes. We can also have a neural network(ConvNets) which can predict whether an image is of a cat or not - However we do the task of finding the object of interest (the … Continue reading Attention and Memory in Deep Learning

Simple introduction to Pytorch

Here we will cover some basics of pytorch which will help us get started. We will see some basic operations and get our hands dirty with pytorch. We will start by importing necessary modules. import torch import torch.nn as nn Lets us start by initializing a tensor. x = torch.tensor(([5.1,4.3,2.5],[5.1,4.3,2.5],[5.1,4.3,2.5]), dtype=torch.float) In pytorch everything is … Continue reading Simple introduction to Pytorch

Best Books to read about Deep Learning in 2019 for free

Today's post is about the best books to read if you are into deep learning in 2019 for free. Some of these deep learning books are theoretical in approach, focusing more on mathematics behind neural networks and deep learning. While, Other books have¬†practical¬†approach. The Deep Learning Book - Any post will be incomplete without mention … Continue reading Best Books to read about Deep Learning in 2019 for free