From maths grad to data scientist – a short read

This blog is becoming an outlet for me to write my heart out. I have no idea where I am going to go with this blog, but one thing is for sure that this is not going to be just tutorials and stuff. It will be about what I think and feel so that later I can read these posts and rejoice or regret! 😛

For the folks who don’t know me, life hasn’t been all fair to me. I was fascinated by multiple subjects like genetics, neuroscience, mathematics, economics, literature, music, art and of course computer science! In no way I was or am expert in any of these subjects, Jack of all trades but master of none fits my description. Eventually I decided to study engineering and for that I was preparing for my entrance examinations.  Coming straight to the point here, I was diagnosed with brain tumor and because of which I missed my examinations. That time was terrible honestly. I saw my dream to be a computer scientist shattering in front of my eyes. After the surgery and my recovery, I joined Fergusson College, Pune to study mathematics. Our college had curriculum for pure mathematics and statistics but no computers, none! Well, I started learning from scratch almost, taught myself python first then from there I moved to teaching myself operating systems, automata theory, distributed computing and finally deep learning.

So in the last year of my college I was hunting job across the city with one resume in my hand and fate in the other. I got my first job as systems programmer. There I met some amazing engineers and mentors who gave a sound advice to study machine learning because of my mathematics background.

I started from scratch again, I learned linear algebra again. After that I started to teach myself classic machine learning from the stanford lectures on youtube. Then I continued with karpathy’s lecture on deep learning. The whole process took 2 years. Yes my dear friend, patience is the key!

During this period I had switched to another amazing company where I again met people who moulded and shaped my thinking in a positive way. I was working here as R&D Engineer. Here also I kept learning and reading research papers.

Finally I have a got a job at a firm as data scientist! I am continuing my journey of learning and teaching myself Reinforcement Learning now after that my plan is reimplement some papers from scratch.

I just want to say to my future self that hey just be patient. Things may be unclear right now but eventually you will see a ray of hope. The winner never loses that hope and keep working rationally.

I hope you reach to great heights Vipul! Stay grounded!



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