Best Books to read about Deep Learning in 2019 for free

Today’s post is about the best books to read if you are into deep learning in 2019 for free.

Some of these deep learning books are theoretical in approach, focusing more on mathematics behind neural networks and deep learning. While, Other books have practical approach.

The Deep Learning Book –

Any post will be incomplete without mention of this incredible book by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville.

This book is meant to be used as a textbook for teaching the fundamentals and theory about deep learning in a college-level classroom.

The book starts with introductory mathematics and then gradually moves towards advance topics of deep learning.

I, myself am going through this book second time now. Most importantly, it is available to download for free. Thanks authors!!

For PDF version of the book check this link out –

Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction –

If you are interested in Reinforcement Learning, then this book will surely give you a solid start.

This is also a textbook which can be used for teaching Reinforcement Learning. This book is rigorous yet readable. Author explains the concepts amazingly well!

I have not read this book cover to cover but I will still recommend this book if you would like to know about Reinforcement Learning.

The 2nd edition of the book is available on Richard Sutton’s website, here –

Thanks Richard for this!

Neural Networks and Deep Learning –

This book is a quicker read than Ian Goodfellow’s deep learning book. If you are starting out with Deep Learning and looking for a theory based approach then this book should be your first read.

Thanks Michael Nielsen for putting efforts to give us your incredible piece of work for free –

Pytorch Tutorials –

This is not a book, but I really liked the documentation of pytorch. I recommend beginners to start with pytorch because of its amazingly simple and user friendly python/c++ api. I know tensorflow 2.0 is out but I haven’t checked that out yet.

check the tutorials out here –

I am also thinking to write a free ebook which has hands on approach to deep learning because I couldn’t find a book like that. Comment below your thoughts on this.

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Happy Coding! 🙂

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