“Hello World:2017\n”

This year started with a bang as after all those turmoil and ups and downs of years that have passed by, my life took a new path. I got a job as a “System Programmer” at a software firm in Pune, India called “DC Engines Software Technologies”. I joined on January 2nd, 2017.

I am fortunate enough to work with these guys, one is ex-Facebook employee and self taught mathematician(top 23% on Math exchange as of Wednesday January 4th, 2017) while another guy is an IISC alumni also one is from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and many other talented guys. My mentor is an excellent coder, he is a Pune University graduate. He listens to my doubts patiently and explains amazingly well. It will take a whole post if I start writing about each one individually. No! None are script kiddie. All are experienced coders with firm understanding of computers. Everybody deals with stuffs like scheduling, memory management, Kernel and OS stuff. Real deal how computer works. Sometimes when they start their discussion I can’t even feel about what they are referring to. I constantly google to keep up with them. 😛 . For example they were discussing something about demons and nfsd and I was googling constantly to understand that alien language.

I am not belittling anyone but it is really hard to find company of such computer technologists ,at least in India, within radius on 2 meters. I am lucky to land myself among such accomplished, helpful, friendly and down to earth people who never push you away for your stupid doubts.

It is time to make my learning curve steep, being motivated enough to study Computer Science, this is the best environment I can get. There obviously is huge mountain of knowledge which I have to climb to make myself worthy enough to get into the league of world class developers. But whining takes one nowhere, you might have heard that a calm sea never makes a skilled sailor! This period is and will be hard for me obviously because I was nothing but a wild-horse in this field. There is lot of difference between a street fight and the fight in the ring. Between gully cricket and the international one. To get there, you need discipline, focus, hard-work and guidance.

Let’s see how my typical office day goes very unorganised currently. But It’s okay as I have just joined. I am getting productive by each passing day. I reach office, boot up my desktop and laptop and just dive in. I watch lectures in between. I usually don’t take breaks because firstly, I want to work as much as possible in the given time and secondly, I want to finish work here itself and don’t take it home because I have to do my studies as well.

The day has been become hectic obviously, 10:30AM-6:30PM office then I reach home by 7:30ish and then freshen up quickly so that I can study mathematics from 9PM. Then I study until the sleep fairy takes me to the dream world.

Yes, Life is not all romantic. I have lost things which I loved, no time for gym, violin, football and hanging out with friends. But don’t think that I am unhappy. This is the type of life I have wanted always to be engrossed in doing productive stuff throughout the day. Some of you would have seen me through those days when I used to code, without any appreciation or glimpse of any future. Because let’s be honest, Companies in India look for degree not for skills. And most of these are separations with my love not breakups! 😛 When college ends, I will start hitting gym again. It is just 3-4 months, I have to manage. I can play violin and write poetry on weekends.

There is just one resolution which I have taken for this year and that is finish this https://github.com/vaibhawvipul/google-interview-university course and practice C++/Scala/Python as much as I can. I have also committed myself to write a piece of code unrelated to my office work daily and post it to my  Github. While I have ideas to automate my room and revisit my earlier projects and even to do new project but all these stuff after this six month of internship(till June 30th, 2017). I hope that I make myself capable enough to grab a full time offer here.

I will be writing posts weekly atleast to keep a track of my growth. STAY TUNED!!

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